Friday, March 27, 2009

Sad news for Ubuntu on SunBlade 100's with Condor Users

I had about 20 Sunblade 100 units sitting around the lab and decided with my team to make a static cluster using them. Well the install of Ubuntu went pretty well using Server 8.10 and Server 7.10. Even loaded the Ubuntu-Gnome desktop on a couple of them just to see it. So with all going well I tryied to load the ever complicated Condor Project to tie them together. Well after trying multiple versions, based on debian, rehl, sparc, and eventually even compiling from source code I can say that Condor on a Sun with Ubuntu using the SPARC processor just will not work. Sorry guys.

We ended up loading Solaris 10 and loading Condor. If anybody does find a way please feel free to leave a comment but I doubt it happening any time soon.