Friday, November 23, 2007

What is the deal with Fedora Core 8??

For the Polar Grid project I use a job scheduler named Condor. Unfortunately attempts to get Condor running in Ubuntu have been completely unsuccessful. So I figure I need to go ahead and get use to Fedora. Fine I download spiffy new FC8 and load it up. Pretty straight forward install. The only issue I kind of had to deal with was that because I have both a SATA and an IDE drive in my system and wanted the SATA to be the primary, I had to have GRUB load on the IDE drive. No biggie.

So I'm think all will be well just like it was with Ubuntu as far as general system stability. I was wrong as hell. I had constant lock-ups. Programs froze all the time. I'm not even talking about 3rd party apps which were a joke to get running, I mean built in software like Firefox and Compiz.

For you hard core nuts out there I did all of the the updates with the same results, so back I went to Ubuntu 7.10 and I have had nothing but smooth sailing.

I am going to try CentOS because I have to have Condor but as for my primary system and all of the Macs in my lab, Fedora is out.